Welcome and thank you for visiting the I-Cura website. You have just opened the door that can improve the quality of life for you and your family. The word “cura” means “care” in Latin and as the word implies, at I-Cura we care about people’s quality of life. We provide modern and affordable natural products with real results to meet your requirements.

Most of the I-Cura products contain Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA), which is patented internationally, including the EU, USA and Africa. Fulvic Acid forms the very basis for good health in all living things; being vital to humans, plants and animals alike. Fulvic Acid does many different things for the body depending upon what is required. 


Fulvic Acid is a naturally occurring organic substance that comes from the natural decomposition of plant matter. In perfect nature, plants absorb these natural acids from the soil. Humans and/or animals then eat these plants and should therefore also digest Fulvic Acid and enjoy the benefits as Mother Nature intended.  


Apart from the fact that many people simply do not eat fruit and/or vegetables on a regular basis; the soil that we grow our crops in is not as rich in nutrients as it once was. Pesticides, fertilisers and poor farming methods have destroyed the qualities of the soil. Poor quality soil leads to poor quality crops, which leads to poor quality nutrition. In fact, there is very little Fulvic Acid in the average person's diet, which may explain the increase in a numerous variety of common illnesses.  

Fulvic Acid assists our bodies to absorb the vitamins and minerals in the food that we eat, including any supplements/vitamin tablets that we take. The end result is that the cells in our bodies are stronger and more resistant to viruses, bacteria, fungi and inflammation, which simply equates to a better quality of health.  

Read more about Fulvic Acid.

By having a range of exciting products, I-Cura created a chain of different channels through which you can obtain the products readily. These channels include:

Direct from the company through a monthly subscription.


Ø  You will get the products at a discounted price.

Ø  The product(s) will be posted to you making it hassle free.  

·       Buy products on-line at the I-Cura shop.


Ø  Although you will pay more than a Subscriber for the same Subscription type product, but

Ø  Convenience is the key. Select, click, pay and the products can be delivered on your doorstep within 24 hours.


·       Franchisees


Ø  Call an I-Cura  Franchisee in your area and get the product/s delivered to you,

Ø  Become a Franchisee and share in the financial benefits associated thereto. See the details.

I-Cura has created a simple, yet innovative business model that caters for a variety of interests. Irrespective if you only want to use the I-Cura Products, or want to own an I-Cura Franchise through which you can benefit financially. I-Cura might have a solution for you.

We suggest you work through the website and concentrate on the sections that you are interested in. Should you have any more questions, please click on the
 Contact page and submit your question on-line.

Enjoy the journey.


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